1 Gallon Soufflé

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Are you ready to take your body care business to the next level?

Get ready to make your own best selling body care creations with our whipped body soufflé formula. 

Soufflé's are emulsified body butters meaning they contain water and aren't only made up of all butter and oils in contrast to regular whipped body butters. 

This formula is perfect for customers who do not like the thick consistency of whipped body butters. 

This base will come either scented and colored or unscented (per your choosing). 

This base will give you up to 16 (8 oz. containers. 

How to Use:

Upon receiving your base, all you must do is take some of the product from the bucket out (your desired amount) re-whip it with a standard hand held kitchen mixer or kitchen aid for one or two minutes. 

If ordering unscented , you may then add colorant and fragrance to it. (please keep in mind to weigh out how much you are using so that you are using the recommended fragrance percent rate). 


Body butters may melt when exposed to high temps. When shipping to your customers, include freezer shipping packs (Can be purchased through amazon or Uline). ( This consistency is less likely to melt than whipped body butters)